Together Virginia Statement on Pipelines

If you love or live in rural Virginia, you understand the value of land.  The land and the water around us have provided a living for people and an opportunity to enjoy all that our beautiful environment had to offer- like fishing and hunting.


The land also means home. We make our own histories in our homes with our children and grandchildren. We know how much that history means to families- it is more than just the monetary value.  When we hear from folks that will be impacted by the two giant pipelines proposed in Virginia, we understand where they are coming from.


Although the federal government has a major share of the responsibility whether to approve these projects, our Virginia state government also has a role to play in areas related to private property and local environmental quality. Together Virginia supports utilizing every legal means possible to exercise these state powers to their fullest possible extent.


Together Virginia wants to be sure that the VA DEQ’s evaluation of these pipelines is rigorous, transparent and based in science. We support Democratic candidates for local office who favor making our DEQ standards more stringent, and who will make sure that Virginia has the best laws on the books that protect our cherished environment, our wells and our property rights.


Republicans in Richmond have for years voted to favor big business over people and the environment.  If we can’t change their minds we need to change their seats.  We have some great Democrats running this year, and putting them in office will be a step towards keeping Virginia’s environment as beautiful as it is today.